Ophelia Ravencroft for Ward 2

My commitment to St. John’s

As Councillor, I’ll bring a fresh, new voice to the table—one with a proven track record of fighting for equity and justice. I’ll always make sure vulnerable people and communities have their voices amplified, their needs brought to the table, and I’ll work to make sure our City does its part to answer their call. I’ll also bring a creative approach to everything I do, and won’t be afraid to consider novel solutions to old problems.

My approach to governance will be the same one I take in all my work: evidence-based, compassionate, and with true dedication to equity. I’ll fight to make our ward, and our city, the best place it can be for every resident—no matter their identity, their situation, or their needs. While I will approach each challenge with an open mind, I promise that my commitment to those principles won’t waver, and that they will always come through in the actions I take. But I’m not just someone with principles—I’m someone whose entire life was only made possible by progressive policies. I bring a wealth of lived experience to the table that many politicians simply can’t, and I’m committed to putting that experience to use.

Being transgender has taught me how to push back when people want me to be something I’m not. I’m an effective collaborator and am always open to new ideas, but I’m grounded, honest, and true to my principles, and I’ll be that on and off Council—ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you that’s the only way I know how to be! That means I’ll always bring an independent voice to the conversation. I won’t be swayed by fear of retribution from elites or special interests, and I’ll always be honest and forthright with the public, because I know from experience how necessary that is.

Finally, it’s important to me that you know I’m doing this for the right reasons, and always will be. I have no background connections to political parties or special interests, nor am I seeking to enrich myself financially through this position. I’m running for Council because I’m truly committed to making life better for vulnerable people all around our city—it’s what I want to dedicate my life to doing, and as Councillor, it’s what I promise I’ll deliver.

My platform